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Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original” is the best pick for installation of commercial garage doors in Charlotte, NC. We provide skilled workmanship and excellent customer service that is unrivaled in the area.

Commercial Door Services

There are specific signs that tell you that you should upgrade to new garage doors for your commercial building. If you are newly constructing your commercial building you will need new garage doors, but already established buildings might require an upgrade due to the wear and tear of constant use. If your commercial garage doors have cracks or broken pieces, excessive splintering or accumulation of rust it is most likely time to invest in new doors. Cracked or peeling paint is also a sign that a commercial garage door has become compromised by weather conditions and sunlight. Lastly, if the cords and wires are showing signs of loosening, fraying or breaking it means your commercial doors do not have a lot of usage left. You don’t want to address the problem after it is too late and an accident has happened.

Security is always a concern for any business. If you are wanting to improve the security of your commercial building, you may choose to have new garage doors installed that include updated and enhanced safety features. Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original” is ready to help any commercial business that is looking to have new commercial garage doors installed in Charlotte, NC.

At Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original”, we know how important a perfectly working commercial garage door is to a business. Our trained installation professionals will use their expert workmanship skills to make sure your commercial garage doors have long term functionality. We don’t want your business to be negatively affected by garage door issues. You will have greater peace of mind once services are completed by the commercial installation technicians at Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original”.

There are many advantages to having commercial garage doors. It is important to consider your business’s particular needs when choosing which type of garage door to have installed.

Advantages Of Commercial Garage Doors:

Better Access– If your commercial business needs a bigger space so that vehicles or large equipment can easily access your building or warehouse, large garage doors may be the answer. Commercial garage doors provide easier loading and unloading of cargo and equipment.

Increased security– Quality commercial garage doors are fitted to seal tight. They lock in place and provide peace of mind that your commercial property is kept safe when your business is closed.

Durability– Commercial garage doors are made with strong materials, such as steel, that last with everyday use. They are made to endure scratches, impacts and wear from weather and pollution.

Creates a larger space– When opened, commercial garage doors create a larger indoor/outdoor space to work in. This is ideal for businesses like car garages, where an open air space is needed while work is being completed.

Insulate– Insulated commercial garage doors can provide more consistent temperatures, reducing heating and cooling bills.

Choosing a commercial garage door installation company

  • Past customer experience– A company is only as good as its reputation. Our customers consistently provide positive feedback about their experiences with us. At Neighborhood Garage Doors “the Original” we take our relationship with our customers seriously and always have their satisfaction in mind.
  • Proper certification– You don’t want just anyone installing your garage doors. Our technicians are trained and certified in repairing and installing commercial garage doors. You want your doors to be installed correctly and with the best safety practices.
  • Quality and affordability– When considering adding commercial garage doors to your business you should consider both quality and affordability. We provide a large selection of doors at affordable rates. We also offer specials on new doors.
  • Warranty– When purchasing a commercial garage door always inquire about the warranty. Warranties differ by manufacturer, so make sure to consider this when choosing which garage door to purchase. Picking a manufacturer with a good warranty can end up saving you in the long run.

The customer always comes first at Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original”, which is why our staff takes the time to address every single need of the customer. Businesses are very specific about what they want and we aim to meet every request of each customer.

Part of our aim to provide excellent customer service includes our affordable prices. We offer competitive prices along with quality workmanship to provide you with the best installation experience possible. We even offer specials to help in the cost of your new garage door installation.

Your business is too important and who is hired for garage door installation should not be taken lightly. We know your business is very important, which is why hiring the right garage door installation company is vital. Choosing Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original”, you can trust that we will treat your business’s needs as though they were our own.


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