Storefront Doors

Retail businesses rely on their storefronts for a number of reasons. It provides access to the store, security for the store while also creating an aesthetic appeal. Storefront doors play a major role in all three of those areas. When you are in the market for the repair or installation of storefront doors in Charlotte, NC, be sure to contact the professionals at Neighborhood Garage Door.

Door Installation Service

There are lots of reasons a business may choose to add a new storefront door. Regular wear and tear can take its toll and eventually breakdown a storefront door. A natural disaster can do the same, although years of weather can gradually have an effect as well. Accidents are always a threat to a storefront door and sometimes owners are just looking for a change in their design.

Whatever the reason a business decides to change the storefront door is entirely up an individual choice. But when it is time to select and install a storefront door, it is important to seek the assistance of a professional. At Neighborhood Garage Door, we are always willing to share our insight on storefront doors with business owners and operators. This could help narrow their decision while letting them understand exactly what they are buying.

Modern Styles

There is not one specific style that comes with storefront door installation. Business owners can bee creative in their choices while also considering options that showcase their establishment. There are also practical options that can minimize costs. Each situation is different and we can show business owners all the available options available to them.

Additional Security

There are options that really make an investment in a new storefront door worthwhile. There is always the option of installing glass that is bulletproof or fire-resistant while also thickening security with steel or metal. There is a wide variety of materials that can be used, some of which are used specifically for security purposes.

Door Repair Services

Storefront doors can break as a result of weather, age, or foul play. Regardless of the cause, our team of technicians get right over to your business and get started on fast and reliable storefront repair. We understand the value of a storefront, which has allowed us to log rapid response times along with top-quality service. Neighborhood Garage Door is ready to provide you with storefront repair in Charlotte, NC and the bordering communities.


Our Professional services are available to residential & Commercial locations throughout the charlotte, NC Areas.



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