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Selection is always a specialty at Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original”. We carry such an abundance of new garage doors that you will surely find something that meets your needs and fits your budget. It can be very frustrating to deal with an old garage door that seems to work only when it wants. You deserve a garage door that operates with every single push of a button. Buying a new garage door comes with a host of benefits and is a solid investment in your home.

Benefits Of A New Garage Door

A major benefit of installing a new garage door is the additional security it provides. Most people use the garage door to enter their home instead of using their front door. That is why a garage door needs to be reliable and secure. Adding a new garage door can also cause your home’s value to rise. There will be a minimal amount of maintenance in the years to come as your new garage door will come with many years of functionality and security. It is also a good idea to install new garage doors before putting a home up for sale as it will increase your asking price. New garage doors will be one of the first things prospective buyers will see. One more benefit of adding new garage doors is that they are more energy efficient. You will find that your heating and cooling bills will drop with new garage doors. Many older versions were constructed with poor insulation. Some even had no insulation whatsoever. New garage doors now have insulation to keep warm and cool air inside the home during the appropriate months.

Garage Door Selection

Replacing the old door to your garage begins with the selection phase. Since this becomes what could be considered a long-term investment, it is important to be fully aware of your choices. Buying something of this nature is not a typical purchase and one that does not happen very often. Materials vary and you could select from the following:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

All materials have their advantages and some choices may simply come down to mere aesthetics. However, the door can be livened up was there are many different styles to choose from. Homeowners can select their favorite designs as there are numerous varieties available. Some may complement a home better than others. And while one may look beautiful in a brochure, it may wind up clashing with the façade of your home. That’s where one of our experts can step in and advise you on how each option meshes with your home.

Accessorizing Your Garage Door

There is no reason you cannot accessorize a replacement option. There are plenty of accessories available to make your choice unique. That may include adding glass panels, or using window inserts to make the front truly stand out. And when it comes to openers, you can select varieties that are mounted on the wall, ceiling or other spots. The ability to create your own unique version is literally in your own hands. We can help with that task by explaining and showing numerous ways to accessorize.

Garage Security

Not only will your next door provide a fresh and different look, but it will also provide a measure of security. Certain brands are made strictly with security in mind. Some homeowners make these purchases based solely on security. That means finding the safest option that will protect you and your family. But there is also the option of blending aesthetics and safety to give you the best of both worlds. Safety also applies to various openers and security features. For example, you could choose to have keyless entry or utilize your smart phone as a means of control. This makes for added convenience and can elevate the level of security inside your home. Being secure can also apply to energy efficiency. The various materials equate to fluctuations in the R-values, which are often contingent upon your needs in the area of insulation. Making this type of purchase could actually wind up resulting in monthly savings on your energy bills. Charlotte, North Carolina residents who are looking to purchase new garage doors should take advantage of all that is offered at Neighborhood Garage Door “The Original”. The right price, look, and style is waiting for you among our large selection of new garage doors.

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